Most Downloaded Fonts

Marathi script is derived from Devanagari script only. So, most of the fonts used in Hindi typing can be used in Marathi Typing also. On our website, you will find a wide range of Marathi fonts styles for free download which you can use in any type of latest gadgets like mobiles, laptops, computers, tablets etc and any type of programs like typing software, print media, chatting applications etc. The most downloaded fonts are Krutidev and Devlyas font. Most of the Marathi typing test taken by Indian central and state governments are taken in KurtiDev font.

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If you are looking for a font that goes well with the type of software you are using for print media or different typography work, you are in the right place. We at provide good quality, clear, attractive and readable fonts for free download. We have a wide range of fonts to choose from. You can find a font for your purpose from the collection on the website. You will get the differen Marathi fonts available under the same website and you don’t need to wander at different sites for different fonts as you will be able to fetch the best font for you in no time. The fonts are apt for both personal and official tasks. Free download is available for AMS Tushar Regular, AMS Aasmi Regular, AMS Chhatrapati Regular, AMS Rekha 4 Regular and more text styles with good quality. We have got a good collection of fonts for Windows and Mac which can be blended in blog post, professional and best powerpoint presentations, magazine, hoarding boards etc. Marathi Typography collection also we offer has a vast collection of OpenType face and True Type font families classified in alphabetical order. We help with sneak peeks so you can check the font before download and get exactly the font you wish to for your task. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the best Marathi fonts.