Marathi Fonts

नमस्कार, आपण कसे आहात?, is one of the most preferred and visited website for चांगला, attractive, stylish and rich Marathi fonts.

Over the years, we have created a pool of Marathi fonts useful for our visitors ranging from bloggers, journalists to businessmen who want to create an effective presentation or hoarding boards or magazines using Marathi Fonts. Furthermore, since Marathi Script resembles closely with Hindi Scripts, fonts from this website has been used by non-Marathi people as well. Keeping that fact in mind, it would not be fair to say, we focus mainly on Marathi language / script users only.

You can use these fonts in the magazines, articles, billboards, applications, websites, latest gadgets and programs and even design your own tattoos in marathi fonts. Our fonts are of high quality and we have zero flaw reported till now from our customers.

In India, Maratha / Marathi Language is one of the highly used language after Hindi and English. There is a historical and cultural significance of Maratha Dynasty which ruled over various parts of India. To preserve that essence of culture and social norms, is determined to bring for you the best and vast collection of Marathi textual styles.

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