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AMS Kashi Regular is a Regular TrueType Font. It has been downloaded 67609 times. 78 users have given the font a rating of 4.04 out of 5. You can find more information about AMS Kashi Regular and it's character map in the sections below. Please verify that you're a human to download the font for free.

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AMS Kashi Regular Marathi font adopts its textual style from Latin and Marathi scripts and is originally based on Kashi Language. Kashi is an Austroasiatic language spoken primarily in Maharastra India by the Kashi people. Although most of the 1.6 million Kashi speakers are found in Meghalaya, the language is also spoken by a number of people in the hill districts of Assam bordering with Meghalaya. Kashi has been an associate official language of some districts within Meghalaya. 

This font is used for both personal and business work. It continues to flourish in the forms of invitations, font design, logo design, announcements and graphic design.

Font Information

Font Name AMS Kashi Regular
Font Style Regular
Font Type TrueType
Font Embedding Installable
Font Tags Kashi,Regular
Number of Glyphs None
Font File Size 34.6 KB
Total Downloads 67609
Font Rating ★★★★★

Character Map

Character Map of AMS Kashi Regular

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